• We do not judge anyone for trying to survive, especially if you grew up on the streets, or have a family to support, however we cannot tolerate anyone targeting and bullying another brother or sister in order to survive.
  • We are aware that this country was built on just that–bullying, enslaving, oppressing, assassinating others and primarily people of color—on the backs of the black, brown and red peoples—not just in this country but worldwide, and that this is still primarily a plantation system dominated by white supremacists (whether in government, commerce, ‘Churchianity’, the courts and law enforcement), however part of that system’s method of operation to preserve its dominance is to keep us divided and attacking one another, so we must not play their game by hurting and killing each other—whether by drugs or with guns.
  • We are also aware that the police are the paid enforcers of this corrupt and racist system of oppression—though many are unaware of their role on the plantation and are trying to both survive and also “help” their communities, so we have to help enlighten those who are willing to learn, and are willing to truly protect and serve all people justly—especially people and communities of color. And the others must be exposed and stopped from acting as “bullies and thugs with badges” and cannot be allowed to patrol our communities.We will treat them equally as those drug dealers who terrorize our communities. (Anyone who thinks this system is ‘working’ for anyone other than the “plantation owners”, and that there are just a few bad apples in law enforcement and other institutions, when we have more people incarcerated than any nation in history, and those are grossly disproportionately people of color and the poor, read these two articles and then think again:  and .)
  • We are therefore calling for a cease-fire in the civil war among our own people and a cessation of the violence and killing of one another, and a cease fire in the police war on drugs (which is really a war on communities of color and the poor, when those who control the drug trade are primarily rich, white folk in gated communities). The police cease fire means: no more random stops of people of color, and no more bogus stops for minor or invented traffic violations (broken lights, lane changes, etc.), and no more arrests for minor infractions, including drug possession of small amounts, and the initiation of pre-arrest diversion programs where people can get help rather than incarceration. (Until you agree to these cease fire measures we will not cooperate with you.
  • We do not judge the so-called “gangs”—in fact, you often provided us with the only families and support that we knew, and we are grateful for that–and we realize that you organized to protect and serve yourselves and your communities because those charged with doing so did not, and, in fact, instead served those true “gangs” in business suits in the state capitols, in business, in the courts, who victimized (and still do) our communities. We are asking you to unite with us, drop the turf wars, so that we can work together to clean up the streets and overthrow the shackles of this plantation system of oppression.
  • We realize that on the plantation our own people of color often continue to play their role as the “house Negroes” and serve the masters as spies and in other despicable roles– we will expose you and give you a chance to redeem yourselves and rejoin the cause of freedom, truth and justice, but if you refuse you will suffer your fate accordingly. In the words of Sister Harriet Tubman: “I freed a thousand slaves and could have freed a thousand more if they knew they were slaves.”

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  1. We must get off the Democrat plantation. Plz read more b4 you yell at me.

    They continue to enslave us by providing just enough things like food stamps, AFDC, crappy housing that barely is livable, and then control the school systems to give our young brothers and sisters just enough education to be a clerk somewhere, but to never be able to rise out of the hood.

    Let’s take it ALL back from the white man, from the teachers unions who control our schools, and lets get school voucher so we can send our kids to the good schools (and who blocks that? White democrats- becauz they support the school unions over us). Especially the white democrat liberals – they’s the ones who ran the plantations 150 years ago, who tried to stop Lincoln from ending slavery, and built the KKK, and lissen to me everybody – “we’s bein’ played” big time. These white democrat liberals have us buyin-the-lie that it is the repbulican who is holding us down. How can that be? since I almost never see one of them – but I sure see a lot of democrates, including our “brothers” who have sold us out to them in order to put money and power in their pockets (and you know who – hint, their title is usually “reverend”).

    The police work for the man and in Atlanta, New York, LA, Detroit, and many other cities, the man IS the democrat party. Don’t you see it??? The SAME party that promises to protect us. The SAME party that is all in favor of illegals flooding our job markets to take the entry level jobs our people need in order to get ahead. How does that work??? You think white liberals are for us ??? (Except to ask for our vote every 4 years, that is). Almost makes sense to vote for Trump one time to send a scare into the white liberal power structure that runs it all.

    The republicans are no better, but if we stop the police without stopping the thugs that do crime on us, our mothers and grandmothers will be the vicitms.

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