We are the Streetgroomers

We Stand for what is Right!

We fight against what is Wrong!

We want what’s best for the people!

Meet our Founders:


Founders of Street Groomers –

Brother Stone & Brother Haroon Walik

Several Atlanta area young Black men and “street tribe” members, led by Brother Haroon Walik an (ex GD gang member) and his brother, Brother Stone (a former blood gang member) decided to put their differences aside, gave up their former lifestyles and came together to get their COMMUNITIES BACK THE RIGHT WAY!

They had grew tired of life on the streets and in the jails and decided to transform their lives and to reach out to others in similar situations to help them do the same.

They were also tired of seeing young Black men killing each other, and racist police harassing, incarcerating and killing their brothers and sisters.

So they decided to organize themselves into street patrol units, unite the “street tribes”, and begin taking back the streets the right way and cleaning up their communities—and with those ingredients the Street Groomers were born!

We will always give honor to our founder,

Brother Haroun Shahid Wakil.

Atlanta activist and ‘a gentle soul,’ dead at 40 who founded the Street Groomers group as a way to self-police and clean up the neighborhood after his own run-ins with law enforcement when he was younger.

A Man that worked to clean up the West End neighborhood.“He was a gentle soul, a fearless activist and a servant leader to his community,” A Man of Power sent by the Most High!


Street Groomers legacy is carried on through spirit, and led by grace in his memory and honor.

Brother Haroun Shahid Waki is no longer with us but our vowel is to always keep his Legacy Alive!!

Since the passing of our beloved founder, we have been blessed to carry out the goals and purpose of our organization by our Co-founder and first lady.

Phillip Ramsey, widely known as Brother Stone

Brother Stone, a symbol of strength and leadership, alongside L.A Pink, envisions StreetGroomers with a noble objective: creating impactful programs for youth, fostering economic opportunities, advocating for transitional and affordable housing, standing firmly for Human Rights, and serving as community leaders, advocates, and mentors based in Georgia.

Meet the dynamic power couple at the forefront of community empowerment –

Phillip Ramsey, widely known as Brother Stone, and his power house wife LaQuana L.A Pink Ramsey.

In the dynamic landscape of StreetGroomers, Phillip stands as the Co-Founder, while L.A Pink serves as the President and First Lady, bringing their unique strengths to the forefront.

Brother Stone receiving a Proclamation for Brother Stone Appreciation Day / April 16th, 2022.

Brother Stone receiving Proclamation by first Muslim Commissioner Khadijah Abdur-Rahman.

Brother Haroun and L.A. Pink on Bankhead – one night in the homeless shoes.

The Street Groomers approach involves reclaiming communities the right way – through proactive patrolling, street clean-ups, and robust support for Street Groomers via strategic partnerships with community organizations.

We offer care, support, and compassion to community members experiencing times of trials, & test.

We will see you through until your test becomes available testimony and trial becomes your triumph.

As the CEO of the Community Boutique 501(c)(3) organization, L.A Pink passionately champions the cause of “Empowering Dignity Through Fashion.”

Their commitment extends beyond clothing over 5000 families a week, emphasizing the belief that dignity is an integral part of identity, reflected not only in actions but also in appearance and shopping habits.

They are key architects in restoring critical needs of community members, providing placement for families into the HOTELS2HOMES program. Partnering with commissioner Larry Johnson.

Through the Covid 19 Pandemic we were able to house over 179 families.

Additionally, Street Groomers provides food distribution, mental health services, education, and housing assistance.

This couple has continuously expanded its services to the community during the COVID-19 Pandemic, including aiding Hurricane victims, collaborating with Frederick Douglass High School to provide over 100,000 breakfast and lunch preparations, and servicing families in need of clothing and the homeless with food.

They also distribute Emergen-C and other immune supplements, ensuring holistic support for those in need. They actively engage in feeding and catering to our homeless Veterans, demonstrating empathy and compassion through initiative like:


to raise awareness about the challenges faced by the homeless.

In this powerful alliance, Brother Stone and L.A Pink stand as a testament to the fight for the people. Their words resonate with strength, dignity, and a resolute commitment to creating positive change – not just in Georgia but across communities striving for a brighter future.

It’s not just a fight for justice; it’s a fight of faith, knowing that God will never leave nor forsake us and will do exceedingly and abundantly above all we can ask or think.

They stand unwaveringly for Human Rights, ensuring that every individual is treated with dignity and respect.

Black Man March – October 1, 2022

They continue to help us inspire and guide the next generation towards a path of empowerment and positive change.


In addition to expanding the communities they patrol, their next step is to launch enterprises, programs and projects that benefit and positively transform the youth and communities they patrol.

Here is a partial listing of such projects and programs we have initiated: and

Patrol the Community:

  • Walk the children to and from the school busses to make sure that they are safe from harm
  • Patrol Clark Atlanta, Morehouse and Spellman College to ensure student safety
  • Patrol high crime areas and neighborhoods, to make sure that it is safe
  • On post at Booker T Washington to reduce truancy amongst students
  • Patrol Morehouse when President Obama was in Atlanta, campaigning for Stacey Abrams.

 Community Assessment:

  • Patrol the community after storms to report fallen trees and other unsafe conditions that might impact residents
  • Call public utility services to ensure that light poles are fixed
  • Make sure that school busses are on schedule so that children can get to school in a timely manner.

Education about Gentrification:

  • Attend and voice concerns and suggestion at NPU meetings and community events
  • Hold developers and politicians accountable ensuring that development projects include everyone including the poor and the disenfranchised
  • Spoke out at City Hall and talk one-on=one with Council members about the concerns of the people
  • Addressed projects that do not consider everyone like, The Proctor Creek Project, Gulch Re-development, and other development projects across the city.
  • Advocate and support the residents at the Darlington Apartment and Creekside Apartment complex who were facing forced evictions

Prison Reform and Prisoner Strike Solidarity:

  • Advocate for prison inmates who are caught up unjustly in the criminal justice system
  • Partner with other organizations to demand for basic human rights and economic justice for prison inmate
  • Organize protests and connect prison inmates to resources so that they have a voice
  • Speak out at City Hall and Fulton County Board of Commissioners meeting to advocate to end the unjust practice of ending cash bail.
  • Advocate for the release of political prisoners like Imam Jalil, Larry Hoover and Ralo
  • Register voters
  • Educate ex-felons and those with a record about their voting rights
  • Coordinate rides for those who have no means to make it to the polls
  • Monitor and patrol voting booths and the area around to make sure, voters feel safe from intimidation
  • Participated at rallies and news conferences to ensure that every vote counts.

Challenge Racism and Dismantling Power

•Speak out against racism on college campuses.

  • Hold businesses accountable when owner or staff make racist or offensive comments
  • Support individuals who are oppressed by systemic racism, for e.g. standing in solidarity with those impacted by the APS Cheating scandal
  • Provide support and resources for student attacked by teacher at an Atlanta High School
  • Support elected officials like the Mayor of Camilla, Georgia who has been impacted by systemic racism
  • Maintaining the Peace and keeping klan members (at their rallies) in check.

Police Brutality:

  • Organize and coordinate rallies to support those whose lives were taken due to acts of police brutality
  • Speak out against police brutality and advocate for justice for families impacted.

Community Engagement:

  • Feed the homeless and the hungry
  • Collect and Distribute blankets and other essentials for those who are unsheltered and need it the most.
  • Collect and Distribute school supplies for children who do not have access to these resources
  • Organize community clean ups to ensure that the community is safe and clean
  • Organize Peace walks- unifying various street- tribes and bringing them together to advocate for healing, peace and change in the community
  • Working with various street-tribes to restore houses, build businesses
  • Created a little league baseball team called “Streetgroomers” for children who could not afford other programs in the community
  • Served as a community partner with the Fulton County DA’s office on the Fulton County Gang Coordinator’s program
  • Advocated for salary raises for City of Atlanta police officers
  • Work closely with Major Hampton, of Zone 1 police department in addressing
  • Peace Marshall at March for Our Lives Rally
  • Engage with local non-profits to advocate for at- Risk youth.
  • Participated in a training on Kingian Principles of Non Violence with other Georgia activists.

Speaking Engagements:

  • Spoke at Global Communities of Practice Program at Emory University about activism work
  • Spoke at Atlanta Radical Book Fair
  • Spoke on various radio shows. (WRFG, WAOK and V103)
  • Spoke at various events organized by Georgia Alliance for Social Justice, Black Lives Matter, Alliance for Black Lives and Southerners on New Ground.
  • Spoke at Ebenezer Baptist Church about the Mayoral Race

Organizations involved with:

  • Fountain of Hope
  • The Community Boutique with LA PINK
  • Commissioner Khadijah Abdur-Rahman
  • Georgia State Representative Mesha Mainor
  • Chief Magistrate Judge Cassandra Kirk
  • News Reporter Rashad Richey (V103, WAOK 1380, CBS 46, The Morning Show)
  • Sebastian Barron – (Metro Representative for the Governor)
  • Commissioner Larry Johnson
  • Sharon Lovett DOJ – Dekalb Regional Youth Development Center
  • Bob Johnson Juneteenth Atlanta Parade and Music Festival
  • The People’s Mayor Khalid Kamau
  • City Council woman Keosha Bell
  • Bill Nelson MVP TV Network
  • and many more!

Called by the People, for the People!

Straight out of West End

Georgia State Representative Mesha Mainor

Hand-picking powerful election officials is a critical aspect of ensuring the integrity and fairness of processes. Selecting individuals with a strong commitment to upholding electoral principles, impartiality, and a deep understanding of electoral systems contributes to the establishment of transparent and accountable election procedures. Powerful election officials possess the knowledge and ethical fortitude necessary to safeguard the democratic foundation, fostering public trust in the electoral system.

By carefully choosing officials based on merit, experience, and dedication to human rights, a nation can strengthen its electoral framework and reinforce the human rights that is needed to underpin the electoral process.

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We appreciate the community love and support. We couldn’t do it without your generosity!

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